Pakistan Petroleum Core House (PETCORE) is a part of Petroleum Geology Division of HDIP. The facility is unique in both its function and scope. Its design has been modeled on the worlds largest and most modern core repository, the Alberta Core Research Centre (ACRC), in Calgary, Canada.

PETCORE represents the most complete drilling history of Pakistan. Geologists, Geoscientists, and other with an interest in studying core and drill cuttings have a state-of-the-art facility and core library that offers to them the ability to research and collect vital information.

In Pakistan Petroleum Core House you can find, stored and cataloged over 10,000 lineal meters of core and more than 0.5 million drill cuttings representing the total length of the drilled interval in Pakistan.


Pakistan Petroleum Core House (PETCORE) was established by HDIP in co-operation with CIDA with the following mandate:

  • To receive and process into permanent storage, the petroleum well cores, drill cuttings samples and specific geological data or materials as may be defined by The Government of Pakistan in future.
  • To ensure the well-being and integrity of such materials with consideration that the fundamental purpose of their retention is to accommodate future research.
  • To respond to service requests in a professional, timely and courteous manner, remaining consistent and firm in the application of regulations and guidelines of the facility.

Core/Drill Cutting Study Labs

The core research area of the PETCORE is composed of three identical core study laboratories equipped with core examination stereo microscopes, tables and confidential drill cutting study area. Height adjustable core tables with roller beds are present to facilitate the delivery and removal of core boxes. Light fixtures with parabolic lenses; focus light on the core below. Microscopes/computer tables can be rolled alongside the length of each core table.

PETCORE Facilities

  • Core and drill cutting sample examination
  • Provision of core and drill cutting samples for further studies, subject to availability in surplus pool and if the well is in public domain.
  • Core slabbing and plugging through HDIP’s Reservoir labs.
  • Thin section preparation through HDIP’S Petrography labs.
  • Various Basins and Formation studies through HDIP’s analytical laboratories.

PETCORE Database

  • Well name, operator and location
  • Spud date and completion date
  • Total depth and available intervals at PETCORE
  • Basin information and formation top
  • Status of well
  • Status of well material (availability of cores/drill cuttings
  • Confidential status

PETCORE is providing Oil and gas explorations Companies in Pakistan, geologists, geoscientists, and academia, with not only the ability to study new reservoirs but to re-evaluate old or tapped out reservoirs with new technologies resulting in retrieval of more oil and gas than it was previously thought.

With the development of 3D seismic, nuclear resonance imaging, cat scan, digital enhanced coloured scans of core and drill cuttings, enhanced carbon extraction, directional and horizontal drilling, etc.

A geologist can:

  • Drill less dry holes
  • Find more Oil & Gas reserves
  • Prolong reservoir life expectancy
  • Develop small and shallow Oil and Gas plays that were missing in initial drilling
  • >Boost investor’s confidence and hence have more investment opportunities in Oil & Gas sector in Pakistan