Objectives And Functions

Objectives and Functions under Act No 1 of 2006

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  • to assist the Government in the formulation of national policies for the development of hydrocarbon industry according to the national needs;
  • to undertake basin studies, research and development to facilitate exploration of hydrocarbons;
  • to promote optimum exploitation and utilization of existing hydrocarbon resources;
  • to investigate new energy methods and related technologies for oil and gas sector;
  • to study and recommend measures for controlling environmental pollution relating to hydrocarbon operations;
  • to carry out quality control and standardization of hydrocarbons, as per Pakistan Standards as well as review the specifications of petroleum products and their blends;
  • to establish and operate a comprehensive computer managed data base relevant to its activities, linked to indigenous and foreign data-bases;
  • to develop and promote use of clean, economic and alternative fuels;
  • to provide consultancy, advisory and laboratory services, expertise and facilities to the public and private sector organizations and companies;
  • to assist educational establishments in the preparation and conduct of courses and training programmes in the field of hydrocarbons and to conduct such courses for national as well as international trainees;
  • to coordinate research and development in the hydrocarbon sector nationally and with international organizations;
  • to work as a forum of national or international professional bodies in related disciplines;
  • to act as an organization for checking of quality, standards and specifications of hydrocarbons including crude petroleum, petroleum products, liquefied petroleum gas  and natural gas;
  • to perform such functions for the Government and the regulators in hydrocarbon sector as the Government or the regulators may assign to it from time to time;
  • to conduct the functions of demonstration, training, testing, inspection, equipment approval, data processing, technical advice, transfer of technology, refuelling and vehicle conversions for use of CNG in automobiles;
  • to establish laboratories, facilities and infrastructure anywhere in Pakistan, and to take all steps and measures which are necessary to promote, implement and undertake assignments and tasks to fulfil its objectives and functions;
  • to conduct research and development and to coordinate and promote the development and commercial application of new energy resources and technologies for substitution of oil and gas;
  • to establish bilateral and multilateral institutional arrangements with national and international universities and other entities of interest;
  • to carry out any other related activity, projects or functions entrusted to the Institute by the Federal Government, any Provincial Government or local authority on appropriate terms and conditions including remuneration for services, etc., and
  • to carry out any other activity in relation to the above objectives and functions;