HDIP has contributed significantly to enhance the prospects of unexplored and frontier areas of the country. The emphasis of its focus has been to generate new data through applied research. In this connection, it has undertaken a number of studies and created facilities, which included:

  • Establishment of well equipped labs in the field of petroleum geology and geochemistry catering to the requirement of petroleum industry and providing services to oil and gas companies operating in Pakistan
  • Reappraisal of petroleum potential of sedimentary basins of Pakistan with emphasis on frontier sedimentary regions
  • Development of expertise in source rock evaluation, reservoir characterization and biostratigraphical research
  • Promotion of petroleum exploration through advisory and technical services to the oil and gas exploration companies in Pakistan
  • Produced 15 regional and major project reports, highlighting the prospectivity of following areas:
    • Petroleum Geology of Kirthar Sub-basin
    • Petroleum Geology of Sulaiman Sub-basin
    • Petroleum Geology of Potwar Sub-basin
    • Petroleum Geology of Baluchistan basin
    • Petroleum Geology of Offshore Pakistan
    • Well data book
    • Source rock evaluation, assessment in Potwar-Kohat, Sulaiman and kirthar Sub-basin
  • A number of research papers published in national and international journals


  • Established well-equipped petroleum testing laboratories and pilot plants at Islamabad and Karachi to cater to the requirements of downstream sector. These laboratories perform testing and research on petroleum products for government agencies as well as for the private sector. These labs also conduct in-house research on developing substitute fuels, designing combustion systems and addressing problems related to the use of petroleum as fuel, lubricants or a raw material. HDIP’s data on yield of petroleum products forms a basis for oil price fixation
  • Established Petroleum Testing Centres at Multan, Quetta, Lahore and Peshawar for providing testing services for imported and local petroleum products, inspection and testing of petroleum products for quality control in the respective areas
  • Petroleum Products Quality Control: HDIP Laboratories are providing inspection and testing services for petroleum marketing companies and authorities controlling the adulteration for imported and local petroleum products against the prescribed specifications. These facilities are available to the oil industry on round-the-clock basis. HDIP provides product quality certification of crude oil and petroleum products imported in the country. This arrangement has helped in assuring quality of imported and local POL products in the market. The HDIP labs also perform quality certification of lubricating oil produced by the blending plants. It is required for oil marketing and blending companies including Shell, Caltex, PSO etc. to get their products certified by HDIP labs before selling
  • Reclamation of Used Lubricating Oil: Under the Petroleum Policy 1997, the HDIP has been assigned the task to provide technical and consultancy services to lubricating oil reclamation plants to ensure the prescribed quality
  • CIDA has cooperated with HDIP to improve the technology currently used in the country with a view to achiev better efficiency and environment protection
  • Development of energy efficient, environment friendly Rickshaw Oil: HDIP in collaboration with Pakistan State Oil Company Limited (PSO) developed a special blend of two-stroke lube oil to be used in the recommended dosage with super-petrol which would reduce smoke and noise level of tri-wheeler motor rickshaws. This blend would also reduce fuel consumption of rickshaws by more than 30%. It is a major initiative to control increasing air and noise pollution in urban areas caused by the rickshaws


  • Research, Development and Demonstration efforts of HDIP have led to successful programme of commercialization of CNG as a Transport Fuel in Pakistan
  • Development of CNG cylinders Testing Stations across the country for safety of General Public


  • HDIP carried out a feasibility study on blending of Ethanol in gasoline on Prime Minister’s directive .The study was submitted to Prime Minister who pleased to approve the establishment of pilot project to gain the knowledge of using 10% Ethanol blend in gasoline
  • Prime Minister has inaugurated pilot project for blending of ethanol with gasoline (E-10) in August 2006 at PSO outlet in Islamabad . Similar Pilot Projects were also established at Lahore and Karachi