About HDIP

The Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan (HDIP) is the national Petroleum Research & Development (R&D) organization. It is an autonomous body of the Ministry of Energy (Petroleum Division) established in 1975 under a Resolution for the Federal Government.

Objective and Achievments:

The objective of HDIP is to undertake, promote and guide scientific research and development in the field of petroleum in upstream and downstream and for matters connected therewith or ancillary thereto

  • Establishment of well equipped labs in the field of petroleum geology and geochemistry.
  • Reappraisal of petroleum potential of sedimentary basins of Pakistan.
  • Established Petroleum Testing Centres at Multan, Quetta, Lahore and Peshawar.

The organization has earned itself a pioneering role in assisting exploration of oil and natural gas resources exploitation and use. It carries out research, maintains laboratories and acts as the technical advisory body to the Ministry of Energy, Petroleum Division on matters referred to it.


HDIP is a national petroleum sector research and development institute, that combines high level expertise with sophisticated lab facilities to help Pakistan’s petroleum exploration and development. Its main area of activities include Laboratory Analysis, Exploration Promotion, Quality Testing of Petroleum Products, develop and promote use of clean, economic alternate fuels, environmental analysis and information dissemination. Technical services are:

Upstream Sector

HDIP’s Geological & Geochemical perform pre-exploration studies of oil and gas basins for assessing regional prospectivity. HDIP has established a national repository of rock samples, well cuttings and cores for scientific studies. To meet the demand of increasing petroleum exploration activities, HDIP provides advanced laboratory services and research inputs to the local and foreign companies engaged in oil and gas exploration in Pakistan.

Downstream Sector

HDIP’s main Petroleum Analytical Labs covers a complete range of analytical facilities of crude oil, petroleum products and natural gas. The labs provide standard analytical services to the national oil and gas industry and work for the Government and the Regulator (OGRA) as the authorized labs for quality certification. Research in alternate fuels, combustion systems and process development are also conducted in our labs.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Operations

HDIP is the facilitator and advisor of the CNG industry, the HDIP also acts as the Third Party Inspector on behalf of OGRA to ensure compliance with technical and safety standards under CNG Rules 1992. The HDIP has undertaken the initiative of introducing alternate fuel in the country to replace oil by natural gas for economic and environmental benefits.

Pakistan Energy Yearbook

HDIP plays an important role in the development of domestic energy sector by maintaining a national energy database and disseminating vital technical information in the form of regular publications, such as the “Pakistan Energy Yearbook”, the official annual publication of the Government of Pakistan, and the “Pakistan Journal of Hydrocarbon Research”. The HDIP provides technical support to Ministry for multilateral energy cooperation initiatives.

Pakistan Journal of Hydrocabon Research

This Institute disseminates vital technical information in the form of “Pakistan Journal of Hydrocarbon Research”, a six-monthly journal of international standard. The first ever book on Geology of Pakistan has been published from Germany as a spin-off of the HDIP-BGR cooperation.


HDIP provide trainings to national and international students, professionals in the upstream, downstream and Gas Operations Sector. HDIP has also carried out various Research & Development projects with academia.

HDIP Core Team

Muhammad Sajid

Director General / CEO / General Manager (Karachi Operations)

Mr. Muhammad Imran Khan

General Manager (Admin & Accounts) /Deputy Chief (Accounts)

Mr. Aftab Yasin

OIC (PTC Peshawar)

Dr. Samina Jahandad

General Manager (Islamabad Operations)

Dr. Nazia Shaheen

General Manager (Petroluem Testing & Research Lab)

Habib Ahmed Baloch

General Manager (Gas Operations)

Mr. Basit Ali

Incharge of Information Technology (IT)

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