Publications on Petroleum Geology of Pakistan

Publications on Petroleum Geology of Pakistan

PJHR: Vol. 1. No. 1                   January 1989 

1.      Exploration Performance in Sedimentary Zones of Pakistan 

2.      Application of Carbon Isotopes in Petroleum Exploration with Special Reference to Pakistan 

3.      Facies Characteristics of Bhadrar Beds and Their Comparison with Chorgali and Sakesar Limestone

 4.      A Subthrust Play in the Southeastern Potwar Depression 

Vol. 1. No. 2                    July, 1989   

1.      Petroleum Zones of Pakistan 

2.      Petroleum Prospects : Sulaiman Sub-Basin, Pakistan 

PJHR: Vol. 2. No. 1                    January, 1990

1.      Organic Geochemistry of Crude Oil from Potwar-Kohat Region 

2.      Oil Resource Potential of Eocene Limestones in Sulaiman Depression 

3.      Petroleum Geology of Kirthar Sub-basin and Part of Kutch Basin 

4.      The Goru Formation and its Facies in Kirthar Sub-basin 

PJHR: Vol. 2. No. 2                    July 1990   

1.      Pakistan Offshore : An Attractive Frontier 

2.      Diagenesis and Pore space Development of Datta Sandstones in Salt Range and Surghar Range 

3.      Foraminiferal Zonation of Upper Goru Formation - Bawani Area, Kirthar Range 

PJHR: Vol. 3. No. 1                    January, 1991

1.      A New Concept Related to Structural and Tectonic Behaviour of Balochistan Basin, Pakistan and Its Implication on Hydrocarbon Prospects 

2.      Regional Seismic Studies in Northern Part of Kirthar Depression, Pakistan 

3.      Pishin Basin : Status and Prospects 

4.      On the Chorgali Formation at the Type Locality 

PJHR: Vol. 3. No. 2                    July, 1991  

1.      The Style and Evolution of Foreland Structures: An Example from the Sulaiman Lobe, Pakistan 

2.      Tectonic and Structural Development of the Eastern Part of Kirthar Fold Belt and its Hydrocarbon Prospects 

3.      Petroleum Geology and Prospects of Sukkur Rift Zone, Pakistan with Special Reference to Jaislmer, Cambay and Bombay High Basins of India 

4.      Exploration for Subtle Traps in Pakistan 

5.      Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy and Paleoenvironment Interpretation of the Paleocene to Eocene Patala and Nammal Formations from Khairabad-East, Western Salt Range, Pakistan 

PJHR: Vol. 4. No. 1                    January, 1992

1.      Crustal Structure of the Sulaiman Range, Pakistan from Gravity Data 

2.      Structural Styles and Hydrocarbon Prospects of Sibi Foreland Basin, Pakistan 

3.      Stable Carbon and Deuterium Isotope Composition of Natural Gases in Pakistan 

4.      Neogene Nannofossils and Biostratigraphy of the Sadaf-1 Well, Offshore Pakistan 

PJHR: Vol. 4. No. 2                    July, 1992  

1.      The Segmentation of the Indo-Pakistan Plate 

2.      Ocean/Continental Transitional Crust Underneath the Sulaiman Thrust Lobe and an Evolutionary Tectonic Model for the Indian/ Afghan Collision Zone 

3.      The Speculative Role of Epeirogenic Movements in Oil Migration and Accumulation in Mesozoic Reservoirs of Sulaiman Fold Belt of Balochistan, Pakistan 

PJHR: Vol. 5. No. 1&2                   January & July, 1993

1.      Source Rock Potential of Oil Shale Deposits in Kohat Basin, Pakistan 

2.      Balanced Structural Cross-section of the Sulaiman Lobe, Pakistan: Evolution, Geometry, Shortening and Hydrocarbon Prospects of a Thrust System at the Western Terminus of the Indian Plate 

3.      Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential of Central Indus Basin, Pakistan 

4.      Paleoenvironments and Genesis of Mixed Siliciclastic and Carbonate Sediments of the Upper Permian Chhidru Formation in the Salt Range, Pakistan 

PJHR: Vol. 6. No. 1&2                    January & July, 1994  

1.      Review of Petroleum Occurrence and Prospects of Pakistan with Special Reference to Adjoining Basins of India, Afghanistan and Iran 

2.      Thrusting and Strike-slip Faulting along the Western Boundary of Indo-Pakistan Plate 

3.      Facies Changes and Hydrocarbon Presence in Offshore Indus, Pakistan 

4.      Provenance of the Early Eocene Chashmai Formation in South-Western Kohat: Indications of an Uplifted Island Arc 

PJHR: Vol. 7. No. 1                    January, 1995

1.      Three Dimensional Geometry of Passive-roof Duplex, Quaternary Transpression, and Hydrocarbon Traps in the Sulaiman Foreland, Pakistan 

2.      Late Mesozoic Sedimentary Megacycle in the Rifted Haro Trough, Hazara, Pakistan and its Hydrocarbon Implications in the Northern Rim of the North West Himalayan Basin 

3.      The Eocene Nisai Formation in the Kakarkhorasan Basin, West-Central Pakistan 

4.      Palynomorph Occurrence in Relation to Geochemistry, in the Amb Formation (Artinskian), Zaluch Gorge, Salt Range, Pakistan


PJHR: Vol. 8. No. 1                    January, 1996

1.      Late Cretaceous to Early Eocene Formainiferal Biostratigraphy of the Rakhi Nala Area, Sulaiman Range, Pakistan

2.      Petroleum Resource Appraisal of Lower Goru Play, Badin Block, Southern Indus Basin, Pakistan

3.      Mari-Bugti Fold and Thrust System and Rotation in the Sulaiman Lobe of Pakistan: Interpretation of the Satellite Data (1:50,000) 

PJHR: Vol. 9. No. 1                    January, 1997

  1.  Depositional Environments and Diagenetic History of the Lumshiwal Formation, Miranwal Nala Section, Surghar Range 

2.      Biostratigraphy of Kirthar Formattion (Middle to Late Eocene), Sulaiman Basin, Pakistan 

3.      Model Geometries of Extensional Faults: Implication on Structures of the Lower Indus Basin in Pakistan 

4.      Source Rock Potential of Lower Goru in Well Bobi-4, Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan 

PJHR: Vol. 10. No. 1                   January, 1998

  1. Hydrocarbon Resource Base of Pakistan 

2.      Diagenetic Aspects of the Nari Formation, Belab Nala & Kaura Sori Nala Sections, Sulaiman Province, Pakistan 

3.      Structural Observations of the Margala Hills, Pakistan and the Nature of the Main Boundary Thrust 

4.      Recent Mediterranean Sea Sediments - An Analogue to Lower Cretaceous Petroleum Source Rocks in Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan 

5.      Oil Production from Low Resistivity, Thinly Bedded Middle Sands of Lower Goru, Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan 

6.      Biostratigraphy and Paleoecology of the Subis Limestone, (Early Miocene) Sarawak, East Malaysia and Correlation with the Neogenes of the Indus Basin, Pakistan 

PJHR: Vol. 11. No. 1                    January, 1999

1.      Sedimentary Environments and Hydrocarbon Potential of Cretaceous Rocks of Indus Basin, Pakistan 

2.      Some Postulates on the Tectonomagmatism,  Tectonostratigraphy and Economic Potential of Kirana - Malani Basin: Implications for Occurrence of Petroleum 

3.      Regional Trends in Porosity and Permeability of Reservoir Horizons of Lower Goru Formation, Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan 

4.      Accumulation of Organic Carbon in Northwestern Arabian Sea Sediments 

PJHR: Vol. 12. No. 1                    January, 2001

1.      Computed Tectonic Subsidence and Hydrocarbon Generation in the Offshore Indus Basin of Pakistan 

2.      Late Paleocene to Early Eocene Larger Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy of the Nammal Formation in the Central Salt Range, Pakistan 

3.      Sequence Stratigraphy of the Neogene and Quaternary Siliciclastics in the Offshore Indus Basin of Pakistan 

4.      Diagenetic Control on Porosity Development in Early Eocene Carbonate Reservoirs of Potwar Sub-Basin, Pakistan 

  1. Correlation of Structural Lineaments With Oil Discoveries in Potwar Sub-Basin, Pakistan


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