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Interfuel Substitution

Interfuel Substitution


  •  Testing and certification of compressed natural gas (CNG) cylinders.  

  •  Dynamometer based tuning of vehicles.

  • Technical evaluation of imported and locally manufactured CNG equipment.

  •  Safety Inspection of CNG station as per Pakistan CNG Rules 1992. 

  • Safety inspection related documents and technical details:

       Pre-Commissioning Inspection

       Annual Inspection

       Installation Proforma :Check list for inspection of 
       CNG Stations as per CNG Rules 1992

       Inspection Proforma (Final):Equipment Specification
       and other technical details

       Annexure - I :Guidelines for electrical wiring and
        installation of equipment in hazardous Area       

       Annexure - II: Refuelling procedure guidelines

  • CNG Consultancy Services: HDIP is promoting and offering consultancy services to the private sector which include the whole range of activities like formation of company, selection of sites, legal formalities, design of stations, specifications and sizing of equipment, selection of equipment, selection of contractor, training of manpower, commissioning and supervision, etc., depending upon the clients needs. HDIP with approval of the Ministry has developed the following procedure for establishment of CNG Stations.


1. Formation of a company and its registrtion as joint stock / private limited / partnership or proprietorship entity.

2. Select a consultant for project assistance if required

3. Registration of CNG Company with Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA)

4. Selection of location for suitable site for CNG Station;

    1. in close vicinity to natural gas pipeline

    2. access to petrol vehicles in reasonable numbers

5. Selection of CNG Station equipment.

6. Completion of legal formalities for establishment of CNG Station with under mentioned departments:

    1. District Authority for Civil construction approval.

    2. Department of Explosive in the Ministry of Industries for location of CNG equipment

    3. Approval for utilities, natural gas / electricity and water from relevant authorities.

7. Award of contract for :

    1. Civil Construction

    2. Purchase of CNG Station & Vehicle conversion equipment

8. Hiring of technical manpower and providing on the job training at some established CNG entity/HDIP

9. Installation of CNG Station equipment

10. Purchase of tools for CNG kit installation

11. Start-up of CNG Station and installation of CNG kits in vehicles.

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